Because 42 is the answer for everything, it is probably
the answer for all your web needs

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Who we are?

We are a Polish company consisting of back-end programmers, front-end programmers and designers who used to work for large companies.

We’ve left our previous companies to unite ourselves under one brand. “Because 42 is the answer for everything” it is probably the answer for all your web needs.

Although we can’t compete with part-time working students in price, for sure, we can challenge them at quality and speed. We have a knowledge and years of experience on Polish and international markets. We work both on fixed price and hourly based projects. We can assure you that we are highly competitive in Poland and that our prices are extremely attractive on international market.

We know the value of your time

What we do?

If you need simple answer - we make web

We are tech savvy individuals

Ranging from back-end applications made in CakePHP/NodeJS through Drupal-driven websites and HTML5+RWD web applications to AJAX-driven front-end applications based on KnockoutJS. We can also help our clients with a full range of additional solutions such as logo and corporate identity design as well as any DTP work.

We’re currently focused on web technologies, but we also have experience in building desktop and server applications, writing them in languages like c#, delphi, c++ and java, working across many industry sectors.

We believe that projects don’t end beyond production deadline. Every project needs to be looked after when it’s out in the wilderness of the Internet. Security updates, new features or 3rd party API changes are a few to name here. We offer service level agreements with quick response time and backup solutions so you don’t have to worry about your customer sites.


We're happy to present some projects
which we had the pleasure to design and complete.

made with love

Why us?

In today’s world Internet development requires vast knowledge of technologies and frameworks. We know many of them.

While we mainly work with CakePHP and Drupal, we also know other technologies, so we can help you when you’re in trouble and you don't want your code to be rewritten.

knowledge is power


We are happy to answer all your questions

Lech Piekarski
Project Manager
+48 502 354 416
Ola Suwara
Sławomir Wilusz
Full-stack developer
Julia Piekarska
Sales Manager
Szymon Koszuta
Project Manager
+48 791 127 072